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Full Day Tours


This Tour is most certainly a MUST DO on your Namibia Holiday.
Our Sandwich Harbour Dune Tour starts in Swakopmund, as we pass through the small German town, we discuss historic builds and sites enroute to Walvisbay. We watch the rising sun cast shadows on the Dunes, exposing their beautiful silhouette. We stop at Bird Island also known as the Guano Island, which can house up to 200 000 Cormorants, Pelicans, and Flamingos and onto Walvisbay. We see thousands of Flamingos and we learn more about them and their Habitat, the Ramsar acclaimed Walvisbay Lagoon Wetland with up to 300 000 birds and 54 resident species of waders and palearctic migrators. The route takes us past the enormous Salt Works, the Lagoon, the pink Salt Lakes and onto the sandy beach shore.
We take a desert game drive through the !Nara valley searching for Oryx, Ostrich, and Springbuck, amongst the little greenery the animals live in.
The sandy route takes us to the most awesome dune views where dune meets sea. Past dilapidated Houses of yesteryear, scattered on the beach disturbed by raging springtides. Up the towering wind sculptured dunes, a heart stopping swooping roller coaster ride to the unexpected, lush wetland scenery of Sandwich Harbour… at your feet. It is STUNNING! It’s Awesome!
Its Unforgettably beautiful!
We find a lone spot to absorb the tranquillity and vastness of the dunes and serve up a light tasty lunch with beverages. The quietness absorbs us, the vastness and beauty stun us. Its unique! Its Sandwich Harbour.
The dune drive is exhilarating, as we traverse towering dunes and steep slip faces, through salt pans and back onto the sandy shores the way we came.

Classic Sandwich Harbour Experience; the emotions, the feelings, the scenery, the taste of the desert, never to be forgotten. Sadly, our day ends at your accommodation.

This Full day tour starts at 08h30 and ends about 16h00
This full day tour is recommended for Photographers and Birders alike.

Price: On Request
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Seals and Sandwich Harbour
Our Sandwich Harbour Adventure Tour combines Pelican Point Seal drive with Sandwich Harbour Tour.

The Sandwich harbour Adventure Tour starts in Swakopmund and onto Walvisbay, we share interesting facts along the way, to the Ramsar wetlands of the Walvis Bay Lagoon and Pink lakes of the enormous Saltworks. We pass some 54 bird species of various endemic and palearctic migratory birds numbering up to 300 000 birds in our summer. Flamingos, Pelicans, Turnstone, Avocets, Sandpipers, Plovers and an array of Terns and Gulls are seen along the way.
 We turn north towards Pelican Point to view the 50 000 strong Cape Fur Seal colony. We see black backed Jackal amongst the many birds and Brown Hyena tracks enroute. We walk as close as we can to Photograph, smell and hear these likable animals. Thinking Sammy, the seal is out there somewhere. The light House stands out amongst huge Ships in the bay. We then take the sandy route south over huge dunes with the contrasting colours of dune meeting sea views. Past dilapidated Houses of yesteryear scattered on the beach disturbed by raging springtides, up the towering dunes, a heart stopping roller coaster swoop to the unexpected, lush wetland scenery of Sandwich Harbour, at your feet. It is STUNNING! Its Awesome! Its Unforgettably beautiful. We find a lone spot to absorb the tranquillity and vastness of the dunes and serve up a light tasty lunch with beverages. The quietness absorbs us, the vastness and beauty stun us. Its unique. Its Sandwich Harbour. We share the very unknown history of Sandwich Harbour, strewn with Skeletons searching for Seals, Jackals, Springbuck, and what life the desert has to offer…
The dune drive is exhilarating, as we traverse huge dunes in search for animals, through salt pans and back onto the sandy shores the way we came.

This Full day Tour includes everything Walvisbay has to offer.

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Experience the uniqueness of this harsh weather-beaten world, in a full day. After picking you up we drive past some historical buildings and sites like ‘Martin Luther’ – our Steam Tractor abandoned in the Desert. We stop at the amazing ‘Musical Rocks’ and explore further up the Swakop River. We will find abandoned Mansions of yesteryear, uneconomical mining ventures and failed Date plantations, a Mad Max Filming site, and a stop at horse watering station, Goanikontes. We go to a 360degree viewpoint and onto the Moonlandscape. Its Breath taking! It is quiet!
It is a unique ecosystem of gravel plains and river valleys. We admire the breath-taking views of this 500-million-year-old area. The rock formations create stunning landscapes of dolerite and granite, lava dykes, glacier eroded riverbeds and countless mining exploration sites. You feel you are on another Planet. You feel the Silence! We view the 1500-year-old Welwitschia Mirabilis plants and learn how they survive. The plant has only two leaves, the male and female pollination takes place by bright orange bugs. They only grow in a narrow strip, on the Welwitschia Plains, in this area in Namibia.
We tell of hard men surviving in this harsh World. Our route is unique and interesting, includes walks and exploration of beautiful little unknown sites that our family told us about which we want to share with you.

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After an early morning pick up in Swakopmund, our Spitzkoppe adventure drive heads north to Cape Cross Seal colony. We view small settlements, Lichen fields, stop at the Zeila shipwreck, pass some small salt mines and onto Cape Cross. Here we view the 50 000 strong Cape Fur Seal colony. We get close, so we can smell them, hear them, and almost touch them. We learn about the Diego cross and the harsh history of the area.
We backtrack and head into the Namib desert towards Spitzkoppe having a small lunch along the way. The road leads us past locals selling Tourmaline, Garnet, Aquamarine, and the other semi-precious crystals for some interesting buys. We see the Spitzkoppe- Namibia’s Matterhorn in the distance. Spitzkoppe, an inselberg, reveals its age through 2000-year-old bushman paintings. Interesting walks over age-old geologically handsome dolomite rocks and views. We climb up the Rock Arch and it’s particularly beautiful. It’s awesome. Its vast.

After a long and incredibly fun filled day you welcome the sunset in Swakopmund.

Price: On Request
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Duration: Full Day

Pick-up: 08h00 

Drop-off: 17h00

Pack: Camera, Hat & Sunscreen

Included: Park fees, light lunch, snacks and refreshments

Start Off: Swakopmund (via Walvis Bay)

– Minimum of 2 persons per tour
– Private Tours must be specified on booking, minimum 4 persons
– We cater for vegans, vegetarian or other dietary requirements (please advise on booking)
– We cater for special occasions, e.g., proposals, anniversaries (please advise on booking)
– Please specify drop off and collection points and times on reservation
– All trips are subject to Tide or weather conditions. We retrain the right to change the schedule/ route for safety reasons. Sandwich can only be entered at low tide
– Tours are pre-payable. We except cash or Credit Card